The Garden

The Garden

Sharing the garden


A special reason to stay at Damson Croft is that you share our peaceful and secluded 1 acre garden where you can sit on a bench or relax in the hammock or swing.

Our garden

We are both keen gardeners and the size and mature nature of the garden was one of the reasons we moved here. In 2023 the garden will be open again to raise money for the Yorkshire Arboretum.

bee hives

Our bees

Patsie is in charge of the bees though Rob is taking more of an interest.

silkie chickens

Our hens

We have three Silkie bantams who wander freely around the garden. We chose this breed because we believed that their feathered feet would cause less damage to the flower beds when they scratch the soil looking for food but they do cause some damage to delicate young shoots and seedlings.

Our compost heaps

We have a three year compost rotation and encourage visitors to add their vegetable peelings etc to the most recent one. We also make our own leaf mould which we use to improve soil structure.

Native flora and fauna

green toadstool
chicken of the woods

Many species of birds and insects live in and around the garden and hedgehogs are often seen and heard in the evening. Frogs, toads and newts can often be found in the pond.

Wild daffodils and primroses, dog's mercury and wild garlic grow wild under the trees. Lichens thrive in the clear air and many types of fungi are found growing in the garden.